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15 Minute Madness


The biggest percentage of goals are generally scored in the final 15 minutes so laying the current score at 75 mins,if only a 1 goal difference,is a valid system. Any score beyond 2-1 or 1-2 I am reluctant to get involved in. A favourite starategy (using Betfair software and in play stats,3 or 4 shots on target before 20-30 minutes) is to lay 0-0 half time or the under 0.5 first half goals market. I also like to lay under 1.5 first half or the banker of 1-1 first half correct score as well. Laying is usually the better option due to small liability or risk. Also if 0-0 you can also lay under 2.5 goals asit will usually drop to 1.3 or 1.4 by 30-35 minutes. With the under 2.5 lay and good inplay stats you can back 1-1,0-2,2-0 if you believe more than one goal is likely in the second half. A good in play stats software is helpful too.

Kent Gill

I pers find that laying the score market the odds are often a few ticks higher than the unders/overs market, therfor worse value, im sure there are exceptions.