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  1. SIG

    SIG's Speed Ratings

    I've decided to abandon my old thread as I believe this deserves a thread of its own... I have been compiling my own speed ratings for a number of years now covering the all weather races with a particular interest in the shorter sprint distances. I developed the original concept of the ratings...
  2. elvistheking

    reading between the lines with HRB

    New poster here although not new to the game or forums in general. I shall post some interesting runners in my eyes that jump off the page at me :) i shall not post every day but hoping when i do its of some interest , i shall try to include a brief reason for backing them. Its a Saturday...
  3. Kevinc

    A return to winning ways

    Just cant get the luck atm , although did have 3 winners on a saturday for first time in ages today , thought id record my bets and might force me not to back the silly ones. New to forum so ill try my best to keep up with standard. Dont tend to focus on certain types of races , like maidens...
  4. Rhinoz

    Horse Racing Terms

    I thought maybe the newer members might not know 1 or 2 terms therefore this list from HRB may help out. Accumulator A bet with more than three selections where all have to win. The odds of each win 'accumulate' on to the next selection. For example a £10 accumulator with 4 Even money...
  5. Lexicon

    Lexicon Likes

    Let's just see how this little venture goes ! Today it's :- Outback Traveller - 2.15 Kempton Spiritual Star - 3.25 Kempton Good luck to all today.